General overview

GrACE builds on the previous experience of our MoSE project and brings intensive, international high school teacher training into focus.

GrACE will establish an international teacher training programme in order to:

  • advance knowledge on the European Union among European high school teachers (working in 7 different countries)
  • promote the use of teaching methodologies that can best share this knowledge.

This general, twofold goal will be achieved by means of a bottom-up and transnational training programme addressing ca. 220 in-service and would-be high school teachers in Italy and Europe.

The programme will provide them with

  • updated knowledge on EU issues (with particular reference to policies meant to tackle the environmental and climate crisis)
  • updated knowledge on the most innovative teaching tools and methodologies to address such issues.

The outcomes of GrACE - including teaching materials, guidelines and webinars - will be collected on an Open Access platform so as to increase the impact of the GrACE project on its stakeholders, well beyond the lifetime of the project and with a view to creating a multiplier effect through teacher training.

In addition to tutoring and other minor initiatives, GrACE will organise:

  • 20 webinars,
  • 2 three-day residencies,
  • 3 university courses (6-ECTS credits each),
  • 1 high-visibility event
  • 1 academic conference

Thanks to this international training programme, GrACE sustains the participation of teachers (and their students) in the EU democratic life, contributes to tackling climate change, and fosters common values (in particular, the protection of the environment) as well as civic engagement.