The Centre

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, established at the University of Trento in 1999, promotes research and dissemination activities related to European integration aimed at students, scholars and the wider community.

In particular the Centre regurarily organizes:

  • residential seminars in the mountains around Trento, on a yearly basis, on different themes with a particular focus on the global challenges the EU is facing (edition 2020 title is "Negotiating Brexit after Brexit”). The seminar includes lectures and a 2-day simulation of EU decision-making;
  • EU Project Management Course: a 5-day intensive course open to UniTrento students and researchers characterised by a very practice-oriented approach and aiming at covering all phases of EU projects. Held by high level experienced professionals, this interactive training course help s students gain knowledge on how to access and manage EU funds, by providing the participants with the necessary competences to handle the EU funding system;
  • support for UniTrento professors (usually active from October to February) in order to write an effective proposal within Jean Monnet Action (Call Erasmus+) with consultancy provided by an expert on EU project financing;
  • conferences and seminars throughout the academic year on topics related to the EU with invited speakers

The Centre works in close connection with:

- UniTrento professors who are already responsible for Jean Monnet Chairs, Modules and Projects to help them organize  activities approved and financed by the European Commission (lectures, seminars, Summer Schools, workshops, etc.) and in the final reporting

- local students' associations and organizations committed in the training of students on European Institutions working process,  and global issues such as climate change.

The Centre is a hub for information about the EU accessible to university students, civil society organizations, local institutions and schools.

All details on the activities and deliverables produced within the EU project "Centre of Excellence EUGLOBE" (2014-2017) in the document below.

In summer 2020, the European Commission approved the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for the Geopolitics of Greater EUrasia, which will be active over the 3-year period 2020 - 2023. In addition to the usual activities of the Centre, new initiatives, projects and events will be carried out.