Summer Module 2023 - early notice

The second edition of the Summer Module on Economics and Institutions in Europe will take place in Trento (Italy), from 10 to 14 July 2023.

Redesigning the economic governance of the EU. New threats and opportunities.

Call for applications

SMEIE, Summer Modules in Economics and Institutions, is a three-year initiative of the research group "Economics and Institutions in Europe", Department of Economics and Management (DEM) of the University of Trento (Italy). The initiative is funded by the European Commission (European Education and Culture Executive Agency) Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Action, jointly with the Trento Jean Monnet Centre and DEM.

SMEIE is an international reference point for scholars, master, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers focused on the thematic innovation of variety as a factor of greater strength in the European integration process, with a view to:

  • generate knowledge and insights that can support EU policy-making and bolster the role of the EU in a globalized world;
  • help understanding and communicating the value of economic and institutional diversity as a fundamental step in the integration process, thus reinforcing the European institutional construction in an age of new threats and opportunities;
  • stimulate participants to make EU policy makers sensitive to new relevant policy tools;
  • allow students to interact on a continuous basis among them and with the lecturers.

The Summer Module has an international dimension and includes multiple activities: keynote lectures, lectures, panel sessions, group activities.  A selection of research projects will be elaborated for diffusion through social media.

Key topics covered by  SMEIE 2023 are:

  1. "Institutional frictions" and the reform of the EU macroeconomic governance 
  2. Advances in investigations about convergence, divergence and spillovers across member states
  3. Financial governance and the post-pandemic debt overhang
  4. Macro-Policies and the Green Deal in the short and in the long run

Keynote speakers

  • Carlo A. Favero, Deutsche Bank Chair in Asset Pricing and Quantitative Finance, Department of Finance, University L. Bocconi, Milan
  • Paul de Grauwe, John Paulson Chair in European Political Economy, European Institute, London School of Economics, London
  • Eleanor Spaventa, Department of Law, University L. Bocconi, Milan
  • Stefan Voigt, Institute of Law and Economics, University of Hamburg, Hamburg

Guest lecturers

  • Elena Beccalli, Department of Economics and Business Management Sciences, Catholic University, Milan
  • Paolo Canofari, Univeristà Politecnica delle Marche 
  • Jérôme Creel, Observatoire Français des Conjonctures Économiques (OFCE), SciencesPo, Paris
  • Catarina Martins, Bruegel, Brussels
  • Marcello Messori, School  of European Political Economy, Free University G. Carli, Rome 
  • Ton Notermans, Department of International Relations, Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn
  • Andrea Papetti , Bank of Italy, DG for Economics, Statistics and Research

Admission requirements: applicants should be regularly enrolled in a Master programme, in a PhD programme or be young post-doc researchers. Applicants will be required to upload their updated CV, a research synopsis (up to 500 words) presenting and motivating the research agenda they intend to work on and present while attending the Module. The Applicant should also clarify how the research agenda is linked with the theme of the Module.

The scientific committee of SMEIE will select up to 15 applicants. All admitted participants will receive  an official participation certificate at the end of the Summer Module.

Costs: Applicants whose application is accepted will be asked to confirm admission by paying a participation fee of €100.00. This is meant to insure against costs of late withdrawals, and will contribute to the extra-teaching activities of the School.

All-inclusive accommodation. The selected students will be hosted free of charge in the venue of the Summer Module, Villa s. Ignazio (Trento, Italy),  inclusive of accommodation  in a double room, and three meals per day.

Travel. The selected students will have to organize the trip to and from Trento and pay the travel costs by their own.

Application procedure: Please click on this link* to apply for the Summer Module. Italian residents can access with a account, SPID or CIE. Applicants without a account can create an account by following the registration procedure as explained at the above link.

Important dates:

  • Call deadline:  May 12th
  • Publication of the result of the selection process: May 20th
  • Acceptance of admission and payment of the participation fee: May 30th

Scientific Committee: Roberto Tamborini (Summer Module coordinator), Luigi Bonatti, Sara Casagrande, Bruno Dallago, Lucio Gobbi, Klaudijo Klaser, Maria Luigia Segnana,  Nadia von Jacobi.
For any enquiry on the Summer Module please contact: