General overview

PESTRI aims at promoting education, strengthening knowledge and developing research on the interaction between regulation, innovation and sustainability
Innovation is one of the most recurring themes in the Farm to Fork strategy published by the EU Commission in 2020 and constitutes a key variable in achieving the ambitious sustainability goals set in the strategy. The regulatory implications of the relation between innovation and sustainability are often downplayed.

The main goal is to develop in students, professional operators and the public, awareness about the crucial role that innovation and sustainability will play for the future of the agrifood sector, by highlighting the role that the law has in this regard.
In addition, research activities conducted within the Chair will contribute to better understand the distributive effects that the regulation of innovation and sustainability have in the agrifood chain.
These general goals will be achieved by organizing:

•    three courses on agrifood law, with a focus on the relation between regulation, sustainability and innovation, taught in three different university degrees offered by the University of Trento (1. the master degree offered at C3A on Agrifood Innovation Management; 2. the bachelor degree on Viticulture and Oenology offered at C3A; 3. the master degree in Law offered at the Faculty of Law). The aim is both strengthening agrifood law in the curriculum of these three different university degrees and increasing knowledge and awareness about the interaction between regulation, innovation and sustainability;
•    three scientific conferences (one per year), with the goal to offer a in-depth analysis of three areas where the interaction between innovation and sustainability is prominent. The conferences will be organized with academic partners and scientific/professional associations;
•    periodic didactic seminars for professional operators having sustainability, innovation and regulation as their focus. The seminars will be co-organized with producers’ associations.

The Chair builds upon the experience gained through the Jean Monnet Module EUFLAG (EU Food Law And Globalization), which aimed at exploring, through educational activities and seminars, the dialogic interplay between EU food law and globalization processes.