Workshops and Seminars

ESAF researchers will organize intensive workshops and a final conference in order to foster the dissemination of the results of teaching/research activities through different venues.

These outputs will be a useful and informative source for both university and general audiences.

They will contribute to the development of future courses on academic freedom in Italian and European universities, to academic debate as well as to public information and awareness. 

Here below you can find the posters and videos of the planned and past activities within this module:

Gianmario Demuro, The European Dimension of Freedom of The Arts and Science, 22.9.2022
Terence Karran, Students Academic Freedom: A Critical Re-appraisal, 12.10.2022
Maddalena Cannito, Gender Studies and Women in Academia: Between Internal Marginalization and External Backlashes, 13.10.2022
Iñigo de Miguel Beriain, Freedom of Research, Genome Editing and Embryonic Stem Cells, 20.10.2022
Asli Vatansever, Academic Freedom and Precarity in the Global North. Free as Birds and At the Margins of Academia..., 26-27.10.2022