General overview

TrAIL is a dissemination project that has been designed as a strongly integrated combination of different paths for debating and disseminating some of the main issues raised by Artificial Intelligence (AI), on the one hand, and the role of the European dimension in tackling them, on the other.

The recipients of the project will be asked to face the 'hopes and fears' of the AI, exemplifying the related narratives with particular reference to: medicine, driverless cars, justice.

TrAIL aims at four targets:

  • High School students
    School students will be the main actors In this phase. Under the guidance of the key-staff members and their high school teachers, students will realize AI potentials and possible threats by directly working on it. They will be asked to make a product (visual art, theatre performance, for instance) able to represent their way to conceive AI. Through a direct involvement, they will also be acquainted with EU law, policies actions and initiative concerning AI
  • University Students
    Four thematic seminars will be provided to university students.
    After a general introduction, students will deal with three relevant AI field: medicine, justice, driverless cars. Students will be asked to debate pros and cons of AI application to these subjects, to confront EU documents and to imagine effective regulations
  • PhD students
    The hearth of the PhD action will be the interdisciplinary laboratory. Beyond weekly meetings among PhD students with different education and expertise, at least three workshops will be organized in order to give students the chance to present and discuss their research projects. The laboratory is also planned as a center dealing with general dissemination of AI and with the European approach
  • Citizens
    A cine forum and a book presentation will be organized in order to give general public awareness on AI and the EU initiatives: a. At each event, an expert, national or international, will give his/her insight on AI issues and on EU action dealing with it.

TrAIL is focused on the effective empowerment of future’s European citizens by making them aware about AI potentials and the European dimension in managing and promoting all AI applications.
A broader scenario will be assured thanks to the visibility that a specific section of the already existing website of Biodiritto will give to the events and to all the products made by the students.