General overview

NAMEPES Project’s goal is to contribute to the increase of the knowledge about the EU security and offer EU security-related strategies in relations to its neighbouring Middle Eastern and North African area (MENA).

Most of the MENA countries have spent a period of political instability in the last two decades. The region, most related to Europe for both historical reasons and geographical proximity, is one of the most complex and conflictual regions in the world.
Inter-state and civil wars, terrorism, political instability and poverty have had repercussions both within the MENA borders and in the neighbouring countries. In addition to hosting important European trade routes, endowment in vast energy resources and the global energy supply security dependence give this region a greater strategic relevance.

The project will be divided into three main activities

1) two academic workshops (4 days per each) that will take place on summer 2020 and summer 2021 where reputable experts from MENA regions together with EU experts and scholars will deliver their analytical findings about the relevant pressing topics. The workshop will be addressed to the around 30 participants who will be selected by the academic coordinator and the other key staff members (steering committee) on the basis of their credentials and motivation letters.
The main target groups will be BA and MA students together with PhD candidates;

2) one workshop for local administrators focused on local and national policymakers and other local bodies at the Province of Trento. 
The main purpose of this workshop is to stimulate debates between various stakeholders, including policymakers, corporates and other relevant professionals;

3) a final international conference comprised of three panels. 
The international conference will be held as a closing event on July 2021, it will aim at examining the role of EU in the MENA area and its strategy for the next 30 years, focusing on security and geopolitics issues

These activities, planned to adopt an interdisciplinary approach, aspire to create a focal point where academics of international standing get together each year to create and disseminate knowledge on issues relating to security, economics, law, history and international relations.
Furthermore, given the misperceptions that some EU citizens have about MENA countries and particularly their Islamic cultures, the project will disseminate its findings among specialists and, more importantly, at a broader level of public officials, academics and citizens.