General overview

The transformation triggered by the digital revolution and the massive use of AI presents great potentials and risks.
To promote the former and manage the latter, it is necessary to strengthen general understanding of the characteristics of AI and the ethical and legal principles that should complement its development. The European Union is working in this direction, attempting to encourage a human-centered AI, promoting fundamental rights and respecting the environment.

Within this framework, the Jean Monnet Chair TrAIning for Future (T-4-F) offers 3 interrelated lines of activities:

  • Interdisciplinary university courses for undergraduate students
  • University courses for postgraduate students (Master and PhD)
  • Meeting the expert events, open to general public

The Chair aims at the following general objectives:

  • To promote understanding and wide dissemination of EU legal and ethical principles of AI
  • To equip students, young professionals and society at large with knowledge of EU leading role in ruling on AI
  • To enhance the dialogue between the academic world and the society as a whole on the importance of a human-centered AI