MoSE activities and dissemination plan will have different targets: 

1) High School students: Working groups will be organized in some high schools of the region and 4 EuroDays will be held, with invited speakers and students from different schools. With a bottom-up strategy, students will contribute to developing open educational resources and a multimedia communication campaign;

2) High School teachers: Two seminars, with invited speakers, will provide local high school teachers with training on specific aspects of EU citizenship and open a dialogue on integrating EU studies in civic education in high schools;

3) University students: Two seminars on Social European Citizenship are planned, to debate on EU political, legal and historical traditions in the field of social rights with national and international experts;

4) Policy makers: At the final conference students and teachers actively involved in MoSE will present their experience, the multimedia campaign and the educational resources. International experts, high school teachers, policy makers (at the local, national and EU level), relevant stakeholders, and professional associations will be invited. 

The output of the project will be collected in a number of academic publications, open educational resources and an open access ebook on best practices on civic education.

The events organized by the projects are presented below:

The activities with high school students and teachers, and related material, are presented in the section Eurodays with schools.

This video, realized by some of the high school students who took part in the project, gives an overview on MoSE activities: