• 29 November 2019, Umberto Tulli took participated to the international conferenceHistory of the European Parliament: research projects, sources and historical memory 1979-2019”, at the House of European History, Brussels. 
  • 21/23 November 2019, The DICE Project is partner of the SISCALT Conference “Weimar: modernità e democrazia in Europa (1919-1933)”. Sara Lorenzini was member of the scientific committee and chaired the concluding session.
  • 4/5 October 2019, Trento, Second Workshop Democracy in the Construction of Europe: achievements, constraints and limits, 1969-1992, with the participation of Mark Gilbert, Sara Lorenzini, Umberto Tulli, Lucrezia Ranieri, Christian Salm, Lorenzo Mechi, Eva Christina Müller-Praefcke, Benedetto Zaccaria
  • 21 March 2019, Ravenna, Roundtable on Umberto Tulli’s book Un Parlamento per l’Europa (Mondadori e Le Monnier) with Umberto Tulli (University of Trento), Michele Marchi (University of Bologna), Giuliana Laschi (University of Bologna) and Daniele Pasquinucci (University of Siena). The event is hosted by Fondazione Casa di Oriali in Ravenna. For more information: 
  • 21 February 2019, Trento, First Workshop Democracy and the Construction of Europe. The early years: achievements and shortcomings with the participation of Wolfram Kaiser, Anne Bruch, Carlos López Gómez, Sara Lorenzini, Francesco Magno, Fernanda Marchiol, Roberto Ventresca, Umberto Tulli
  • 18 December 2018, Trento, Kick-off event "Portare la Storia dell'Integrazione europea nelle scuole". Strumenti, opportunità, sfide with the participation of Sara Lorenzini, Paolo Dalvit, Umberto Tulli