General overview

Extended until 31.03.2021

Democracy in the Construction of Europe (DICE) Project 
deals with the role of democracy within the process of European Integration and with how democratic institutions forged the European Community / European Union. 
The project is specifically tailored to the so-called Third Mission of Universities. It brings non-specialist and the general public in contact with scholars and researchers based at the University of Trento.

It develops along three main lines of action:

  1. Excellence in Research.
    Within the framework of DICE, junior and senior scholars working on democracy and European integration will meet in Trento every six months to discuss the outcome of their research in international workshops and conferences.
  2. Active citizenship.  
    How can we help young people become good European citizens? With this goal in mind, DICE’s team will run seminars with teachers and instructors to improve tools and methodologies to teach the history of Europe at school.
  3. Institutional dialogues.
    DICE will bring together local administrators and European policymakers to discuss the benefits, problems, and shortcomings of European initiatives on local communities.

International conferences and workshops

  • 1st Workshop: Democracy in the Construction of Europe. The early years: achievements and shortcomings 
    21 February 2019. With the participation of Wolfram Kaiser (University of Portsmouth), Anne Bruch (EUI, Florence),  Carlos López Gómez (Universidad Pontificia Comillas), Roberto Ventresca (Università di Bologna e Istituto Italiano di Studi Germanici, Roma); Sara Lorenzini (Università di Trento), Francesco Magno (Università di Trento), Fernanda Marchiol (Università di Trento), Umberto Tulli (Università di Trento)
  • 2nd Workshop: Democracy in the Construction of Europe: achievements, constraints and limits, 1969-1992 
    4 and 5 October 2019. With the participation of Sara Lorenzini (Università di Trento), Umberto Tulli (Università di Trento), Mark Gilbert (Johns Hopkins University – SAIS), Lucrezia Ranieri (Università della Tuscia), Christian Salm (European Parliament Research Service, Bruxelles), Lorenzo Mechi (Università di Padova), Eva Christina Müller-Praefke (Università di Roma La Sapienza), Benedetto Zaccaria (Università di Venezia Ca’ Foscari).

Teaching Europe 

Portare la Storia dell'Integrazione europea nelle scuole. Strumenti, opportunità, sfide.
Meetings will take place with school teachers from the Trento area to discuss the contents, tools, and problems related to the inclusion of European integration topics in school curricula. 

Here below you can find the posters of the planned and past activities organized within this project