General overview

Biolaw is intended as the set of legal rules regulating life sciences and new technology (from medicine to neuroscience, from genetics to robotics).
It has become a key-concept in contemporary law, which calls for a more comprehensive and structured action with regard to research, education and dissemination.

With the Course BioTell, the first course of this kind in Italy, the Law Faculty of the University of Trento will fill a gap existing in the career of under-graduate students, offering a tailor-made course on some of the most interesting cutting-edge topics in EU biolaw:

  • cross-border health care and patients’ mobility;
  • circulation of tissues, samples and genetic data;
  • artificial intelligence and robotics;
  • medical research and clinical trials;
  • social determinants of health.

These topics will be introduced and discussed through the “learn by doing” method.
BioTell will be interdisciplinary by-design, open to both students with and without legal background (International Studies, Biology, Economics, Philosophy, Physic, Cognitive Science).
It will enhance students’ curricula with solid skills in an area which is becoming a key-factor for social, economical and scientific development within the EU.BioTell aims also to give long-lasting and permanent outcomes, such as:

  1. the European Biolaw Casebook, intended for academic and professional audience;
  2. the European Biolaw Papers, interdisciplinary and multilingual publications hosted into a peer-reviewed and open-access journal (Biolaw Journal:
  3. the European Biolaw Repository, interactive e-platform with free legal materials.

Students and post-doc researchers will be actively involved in these activities.In order to promoting European Biolaw for a greater audience, BioTell will also be integrated by the “Meeting the Expert Events", open to the general public.

Biodiritto e Costituzionalismi ( PDF | 498.24 KB )
Timetables Module ( PDF | 413.93 KB )

Here below you can find the Syllabus of the three year of the Module:

Syllabus 2019-2020 ( PDF | 328.7 KB )
Syllabus 2018-2019 ( PDF | 329.78 KB )
Syllabus 2017-2018 ( PDF | 329.81 KB )